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We are the leading UK property investment company, made up of talented people. Please meet our dedicated team below.

Sajjad Haider

Role: Senior Property Consultant 
Expertise: Dubai & UK property
Education: Politics & Economics BA

More about Sajjad
When Saj isn’t sourcing and providing his clientele with the best Dubai & UK investment opportunities, he enjoys to read and travel, taking on any opportunity to improve his attributes. Recently graduating from Goldsmiths University of London with a First-class honours, the skills he attained from his degree allow him to analyse the economies of different markets and provide his clientele with investments backed by thorough examination.

Faysal Chaudhry

Role: Senior Property Executive
Expertise: UK property 
Education: Westminster & City Law School 

More about Faysal
Faysal is a dedicated property professional with a wealth of sales and management experience. With a Brexit proof attitude to property investments he continues to deliver a first class service and has always demonstrated initiative in sourcing the right projects for his investors. With a can-do attitude and heightened personal ambitions, Faysal is a vivid explorer, who loves to travel, learn and take every opportunity to better himself.

Zulq Hyder

Role: Senior Property Consultant
Expertise: Dubai & UK property 
Education: Economics & International Business 

More about Zulq
Zulq takes satisfaction in knowing he dedicates majority of his days working on meeting the expectations of One Investments and his clientele. He recently graduated from University of Kent studying International Business. Using these tools he is now able to analyse each market identifying the pros and cons for his buyers, making their journey easier. When Zulq isn’t focusing on meeting the needs of his clientele, he enjoys following his local team Chelsea FC. 

Eren Kilic

Role: Sales Executive
Expertise: Dubai & UK property
Education: Business & Marketing

More about Eren
Deriving from a family of avid Property Professionals/Investors, Eren got into the Industry at a young age and is on his own journey with the ONE Group to set his mark in the market. Eren brings a great level of enthusiasm and analytical skills which he has developed from his few years of studying and trading US Penny Stocks. When he isn’t catering to his clientele, Eren enjoys going to the gym and exploring London.


Role: Property Consultant
Expertise: Finance & Emerging Markets 
Education: Global Finance & Financial Planning 

More about Bashaar
Bashaar is a dedicated property professional with detailed experience in property investments and wealth management. Along with his experience in emerging market investments, Bashaar showcases his knowledge of trends within the real estate investment market and continues to propel his clients towards higher returns in the developing cities across the world. Bashaar’s background extends from finance and economics. When he Is not sourcing and proving his clients with the best real estate investment opportunities, he enjoys mountain dirt bike rides and is a car enthusiast. Bashaar yearns to grow everyday by taking on challenging opportunities and establishing the precedent of dedicated work today for a stronger tomorrow.



Role: Property Consultant
Expertise: Dubai & UK property
Education: NYU Stern School of Business (Finance)

More about Noor
Having a visionary mindset and a deeply rooted passion for real estate, Noor stops at nothing to provide his clientele with unparalleled Dubai and UK investment opportunities. With an education from the #1 ranked Finance school on the globe, Noor utilizes his knowledge of real estate capital markets & the global economy’s shifting trends to help his clientele make the most effective investment decisions.


Role: Senior Property Consultant
Expertise: Emerging Market Investments 
Education: Economics and International Business BA 

More about Omar

It would be unfair to characterize Omar Alseginy by any contemporary methods. Beginning his unconventional journey on Wall Street, Omar gained extensive experience facilitating media investments for Fortune 500 corporations. This helped garnish his next venture in cultivating resources in the incredibly cutthroat telecommunications industry in which he opened 5 T-Mobile USA franchises in New Jersey. As a result, Omar dabbled in raising funds for a multitude of projects for Amazon, Hulu, and many more. Yearning to grow, and having achieved so much at a young age, Omar turned his eye to CPIC and One Investments, blazing through the ranks as an investment strategist in emerging markets, while becoming an expert consultant with Dubai, Pakistan, and London development investments. It truly shows that not only is he anything but contemporary, but he has much more to accomplish. To date Omar has generated over $35 million USD in revenue for businesses and investors across the world.

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