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Nine Elms, Battersea the best investment opportunity in London in 2017!

Jan 30th, 2017 Investment in london, investment, Nine elms, Battersea, London investment

Richard and Zee visit Nine Elms, London’s biggest and best property investment opportunity.

There are many different stories surrounding the new development in Nine Elms area. Some being negative but with the new opportunities it offers; most of them being positive. The famous South-West London area has received a £15bn revamp with 20,000 homes being built in the next few years. This is now one of the biggest regeneration projects in Europe, beating the cost of the 2012 Olympics site in Stratford which cost £9bn.

Extending from the well-known Battersea Power station all the way up till Vauxhall Bridge, this is prime zone 1 location with great views over the river. But why here? Before the plans to build, it was an industrial area with warehousing and obviously the power plant which has now be redundant for the past 20 years. This is why investors saw the opportunity in this great 450-acre space. This 450-acre space contains residential and commercial space as well as having 50-acres of communal space surrounding the area. Including parks, outdoor play areas etc.

This huge regeneration plan will come together in 2022 where it will be known as the newest and best zones within London. Yes, there have been a few negative comments about ‘the oversupply of properties’ but that is not the case. There is a lot of development going on, but in the end, it will benefit the city as well as the country with the quality of the work which will attract more individuals to come and live in London. Central London is heritage and we are proud of the historic culture. But sometimes we have to get with the times and adapt to the modern lifestyle.

As well as having the great housing with amazing views; there is also a £1bn extension of the Northern Line with two new underground stations being built in Nine Elms. Connecting the area straight into central London within a few minutes and making it easier for individuals to travel around the amazing city. The city has already seen the potential of the area, as the US and Dutch embassy plan their move to the regeneration zone. With talks even going around of this becoming the new diplomatic quarter.

With all the people coming into the area and city, the location for these individuals is ideal. With Chelsea, Belgravia and Knightsbridge which are the hotspots of the city. Being this close to them, there’s not many places like this in London. The current prices being around £900 going up to £2000 a foot are just a fraction of what’s across the river in Chelsea. Nine Elms average around £1300 per foot whereas Chelsea’s minimum is £2000 a foot. Without the quality Nine Elms possesses. So as you can tell, the growth opportunity is incredible.

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